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  • Can I register my business with my ITIN number?
    Yes! It only takes a few days to receive the full registration with the IRS.
  • What do I need to get my ITIN number?
    Passport, Proof of address (utility bill). For minors, you need to add the vaccination and school record.
  • Do I need to file taxes to obtain my ITIN number?
    Yes! The purpose of the ITIN is to declare your taxes, therefore to obtain your number you have to send the request with your tax return. Don't be fooled!!
  • What types of business can I register?
    You can register your company as: Sole Proprietorship, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY LLC, Corporation and Partnership.
  • Did you get a letter from the city?
    If you are self-employed you must have a license from the city.
  • Who signs my tax return?
    The declarer and the preparer. Make sure your preparer has your license.
  • I didn't file my taxes on time, now what?
    If your return results in a refund, there is no late filing penalty and you have 3 years to get your refund.
  • What is the last day to file individual and corporate taxes?
    April 15.
  • What is the last day to file small corporation (s-corp) and partnership taxes?
    Last day for changes for a corporation is March 15.
  • Can I change the type of business?
    Most of the time yes.
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